Northern Coast of Oregon
Seaside, Warrenton, Hammond & Astoria
Seaside, Oregon
Seaside, Oregon Broadway Street
Inside the Seaside Mall
Warrenton, Oregon
Warrenton has grown by leaps & bounds the past few years. Prior to 2010 the only place to shop in the area was one Fred Meyer store.
In 2018 a Walmart joined a variety of other box stores, much needed for the area. Hoping for a Best Buy in the future.
Hammond, Oregon
A part of Free Willy was filmed in Hammond, (shown above
leaping over the rocks).Sitting in your car facing the
Columbia River (See X) is a great place to watch
the ships come into Astoria headed for the Port of Portland
or cruise ships stopping by Astoria for the day
Pilot Boats
Elk Herd Hammond
Cruise Ship Hammond
Jetty Tower - Ft Stevens
Astoria, Oregon
House in Goonies movie
House in Short Circuit Movie
Grade School Kindergarten Cop Movie
The Pacific Northwest Coast of Oregon
Awaiting to load/unload in Portland
Cruise ship parked at Pier 1
Astoria Meglar bridge
Astoria Column